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*Fate of a Frog* has been retired in preparation for the release of Stacy's and my new-and-improved book, *The Fate of The Frog*, in hardback in 2018. To preorder copies of the new hardback title, please contact me at melissarooneywriting@gmail.com. In the meantime, I am still available to read the book at Seuss/Read-Across-America/Earth-Day/Creek-Week/etc. events at schools within a 1-hour drive of my home town in Durham, NC.


Product Description:

When people don't get rain for a long time, we call it a drought. People hardly realize that their community is in a drought until their lakes and other drinking supplies run low. That doesn't happen very often, thank goodness. But it happens every year to thousands of tadpoles that hatch from frog eggs laid in mud puddles. Fortunately, most of these tadpoles grow legs and are able to hop away before their mud puddles dry up. Melissa Rooney's Dr.-Suess-inspired story about a frog's plight to escape its birth puddle and Stacy Fabbre's smile-provoking illustrations are sure to capture the imaginations of child and adult readers and listeners, alike.

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