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Educational Workshops
(Pre- through High-School)
Melissa B. Rooney


* Preschool through 10th grade: 2015-17 Durham CAPS Workshops

I conduct two educational workshops (see below) using Art, Music, and Creativity to teach Scientific concepts that may otherwise be daunting, even for many adults. These workshops are tailored for the age group in the audience. More information is included below.


1) The Didgerido and the Science of Sound:

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For detailed information regarding this workshop, please see my page in the 2015-17 CAPS Guidebook HERE.

As with anything related to education, the material is tailored to the age-group participating (Preschool through 8th grade so far) as well as the particular subject matter desired by the teacher/parent.

I have done this workshop with enthusiastic results at Small World Preschool, Creekside Elementary School (music classes and science week), Hillandale Elementary School, Durham Central Park Elementary School, and Lowe's Grove Middle School.




2) Electrons, Electricity and the Power of Science:

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For detailed information regarding this workshop, please see my page in the 2015-17 CAPS Guidebook HERE. (Note: Look at the BOTTOM of the page.)

I LOVE doing this workshop (or an adaptation, as required) for Science Day/week/etc. events, and the kids love playing with me and my take-apart electronic toys. Once they have tucked into my electronic snap circuits, it's hard to get them to visit another table (but we have to take turns - smile).

I have done this workshop at elementary schools, libraries, and book stores, as well as at the UNC Science Expo , the Virginia Museum of Transportation , the Science Museum of Western Virginia , and at Brewed Awakening's Fall and Spring book festivals.

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* Preschool through 5th grade:

I am always happy to visit classrooms, museums, etc. and conduct interactive readings of my children's books, including a raffle for 1 or 2 books to give away to participants (or to give to the classroom or organization). The workshops based on these books are generally suited to Pre-School through 5th grade.

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For Fate of a Frog, I bring my pet frog and/or tadpoles (depending on the season) and can bring arts and crafts to make tadpoles to take home. The workshop discusses conservation and landscaping efforts to preserve and maintain our waterways and, ultimately, our drinking water. Sedimentation and other experiments can be arranged for older kids. This workshop is perfect for Earth Day/Creek Week/etc. events.

This workshop is also perfect for Seuss/ Read-Across-America events. As explained on the back cover, the book was inspired by Dr. Seuss and is written in perfect iambic pentameter 'just like his books' (as at least one child attendee says in each session).
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For I Chalk, I bring sidewalk chalk and draw with the kids (either on black card stock or on the sidewalk, though the latter is preferred). The workshop involves positive trouble-shooting, community and citizenship, and hands-on artwork (chalk drawings). For the younger kids, there is also significant emphasis on the months of the year.

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To Book a Workshop:

If you would like to inquire about having me conduct one of the above workshops for your class, grade, school or even a birthday party, please contact me at melissarooneywriting@gmail.com.

Prices are negotiable, even free under certain circumstances, so please don't let the prices in the CAPS handbook or above discourage you from inquiring.


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